Jun. 2nd, 2007 05:20 pm
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I have kept very quiet on this matter, but [ profile] lit_gal has posted an entry that sums up what I think about this better than I can do it myself.

The short story is: I don't like censorship any more than the next person, but in the precise case of pedophilia, you'd need far more censorship than the few deleted journals to shock me. Yes, 6Apart didn't go about this like they should have, yes, deleting literature and RPG journals was a stupid thing to do; but if they did suppress even one real pedophile comm, I don't care about the collateral damage.

The pedophile comms didn't hurt anyone, you say. They should have been monitored by professionals to catch pedophiles in the act.

No. I'm sorry, but no. Discussing sexual relations with young minors among like-minded individuals is not an exercise in free speech. It blurs the reality between fantasising about something you know is wrong and forbidden and fantasising about something you know is a wank-fantasy for many other people. It makes those so inclined much more likely to act on their desires. I don't want this happening. I don't want anything that could possibly encourage people to act, even if it means catching them red-handed.

I am being hypocritical here, you say. If rapefic, slavefic and powerfic comms are allowed, where people like me can discuss non-consensual acts, why should pedophiles be specifically targetted.

That's a tougher one. I suppose I am a hypocrite. I want to keep a safe place where I can fantasise about raping and enslaving grown-up men, but I want to deny pedophiles the same convenience. The only difference is that the "victim" (fictional or real) is mature enough to discern right and wrong, to know when they have been slighted and are more likely to survive relatively unscathed - not to mention that it is more difficult to harm a grown-up than in child IRL in the first place. So yes, I'm a hypocrite, but those few years make a world of difference to me.

So - sorry, but I won't get my knickers in a twist about the LJ deletions, especially as the fandom journals seem to have been all restored now. I am ready to fight for my little corner of the Internet, but not on this issue. On anything but this issue, as a matter of fact.


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