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Birthdate:Oct 31
Location:United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
I'm a boring person, and do boring things. So I decided to keep a livejournal so that I could bore other people too! It's also a good way to know more about updates in HP fanfiction, to get a glimpse of how the authors think, and to practice writing fiction.

Je suis fran├žaise, Deutsch ist meine Lieblingssprache, en Nederlands is ook welkom :-)

This mostly is a friends-only journal. The friending policy is that you are most welcome to friend me; if you wish to be friended back, just leave a comment on one of the public posts. I would appreciate it if new friends could take a look at this post (f-locked post).

I've written some fanfic myself, even though it's not very good. The masterlist is here (public post).

Contact info may be found here (f-locked post).
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