Mar. 24th, 2007

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I first joined LJ on March 23rd, 2005, 731 days ago.

During this period, I have posted 531 posts - 5 posts a week - and 7653 comments - more than 10 comments a day.

During this same period, people have directed 7372 comments at me, just about 10 a day.

Having no life does guarantee getting a full inbox of emails every night.

I am now stalking 110 people via the wonderful voyeuristic invention that is an f-list; 88 have chosen to return the favour (1). 8 unknown people have, for reasons I cannot quite fathom, clicked on the friending button without making themselves known. It is flattering, though.

72 communities have the dubious honour of being brought to me eyes and occasionally of getting a comment from me.

It might be better not to venture in the how much porn have I read since I joined department, for all our sakes.

I have met 3 LJers in real life and while it always was a shock to realise that they don't look like their default icons, the experience was great.

I have my very own sockpuppet, who plays in [ profile] worldaffairs if you want to meet her.

So, is LJ a gigantic time-waster or a wonderful new platform for exciting adventures? Perhaps a bit of both, but I love being in contact with people from all the continents bar Africa and Antartica and talking about porn all the time too!. Blogging has now become very much part of my life and I have no regrets :D

(1) Actually a bit less than that if you take out the sockpuppets from [ profile] lesliaisons1782.


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