Dec. 4th, 2007

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I don't like LJ putting in place LJ-cuts that override my own and thus don't let the reader make an informed choice about reading material. I talk of spoilers, TMI, and porn - you might be OK with the one of these and not with the others, and I don't want anyone to be made to read something they don't want because of their very natural curiosity. I know I can rate my journal to "kiddie-safe" and thus get rid of the cuts, but there's not much point in doing that when LJ is trying to make us behave like responsible adults, is there?

But the breaking point was the flagging button. A community where delation is encouraged or even supported is no place I want to be in. It just... squicks me I guess.

So I'm doing what reactionaries world-wide do and emigrated to a world that resembles what LJ "used to be" before it "went to the dogs" (why yes I love tropes).

You can find me at

I'm having a housewarming drabble party here - want to come over for a drink and some porn?

I'll go on flocking a lot. If you can spare the time, I'd love you to create an account over there as well so that you can read the locked posts too (Here's a linky to start a journal, it's free and you get a lot more icons than at LJ).

The wonderful [ profile] cosmo_jenny went to the trouble of creating a syndicated feed to LJ; as I understand it, if you friend it you get a link to my posts on LJ. It is here:

Of course I'll go on reading your entries here :)


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