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I am now able to thank [ profile] eeyore9990 for the lovely Standard Operating Procedure. Thank you!

And I'll own up to The Best Laid Plans.

Now, to catch up with everyone's fics and art...

This wouldn't be complete without a big thank you to the mods for organising all this.
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The fic I wrote for the [ profile] sshg_exchange, Letter Of Mercy One Sunny Morning has been translated into Russian by [ profile] magratt and can be found here. Thank you, Magratt!
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La mulţi ani, Duniazade! )
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Pour Duniazade.

Prompt: How about a cross-over between HP and Largo Winch? Let’s suppose Ovronnaz discovers, late in life, that he has magic. And that he’s a distant cousin of a certain lean, dark, disreputable wizard.

Gen, NC-17, 6000 words.

Warnings: partly in French, explicit violence, hence the rating. Also, the narrative imperative dictates that Tito never died. Alternate universe (canon til book 6 in HP, set somewhere after l'Heure du Tigre in LW), crossover.

Harry Potter et la bénédiction des Patriaches )
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Lucissa, missing scene, 300 words, no DH spoilers.

Darling, I have an idea )
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Harry/Ginny, pre-threesome, 1100 words, no DH spoilers.

Fairy tales don't end like this )
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For Pigwidgeon37.

Prompt: My favourite threesome, please! HG/SS/LM on a long-distance flight from London to New York. Whether they already have a relationship or whether it starts on the plane is up to you, my dear.

Pre-Snerlumione, crack!fic, 3500 words.

A Turbulent Take-Off )

I'm fighting deadlines here... The crossover may, just, possibly, be finished by tomorrow night. If not, I'll just drop it until I'm done reading and digesting DH. I'm sorry I'm so late with your story, Duniazade. If it's any consolation, I've done lots of pondering over LW canon to just draft it.
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For Dacian_Goddess (sorry, this was intended as cheerleading material during your exams, and, erm, well, hope it's not too late for the post-exam celebrations!)

Prompt: Harry and Draco are shag buddies/involved/whatever, and they're there to pick up the pieces when Hermione and Ron break up (all of the hows and whys are up to you, of course). The best way for Hermione to get over the whole Ron unpleasantness is to have the daylights shagged out of her (of course). You tell me how Draco and Harry end up getting Lucius and Snape to pursue Hermione and give her said shagging... The smuttier the better, in the end.

Lots and lots of various pairings, 4000 words, hard R, no title. Warning: high ginger factor.

Ron was having a dilemma... )

Coming soon: I still haven't started the NY trip but have a good idea how the crossover should go. Thank you for your patience...
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For Maddy Riddle:

Prompt : Lumione, the Malfoy's library

Lumione, PWP, 800 words.

A little romp in the library )

Coming soon:

Drarry (half-written, all mapped out, but it won’t let itself get finished)
In the Ministry (not started, but I feel inspired)
Trip to NY (not started, not feeling inspired, but that’ll change when I get to it in earnest)
Crossover (taking over my brain, but I haven’t written much yet)
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Pour Siryanne qui voulait de la fic en français... :p

(Pardon pour le peu d'originalité du titre)

Basé sur: Le Dernier des Doges; Voir Venise... et Mourir (pas sur la série TV). Attention, spoilers.

Charity/Domenica, soft R, 800 mots.

Les deux amies, maintenant amantes, reviennent à Venise un an après les événements )

I'm working on the meme!fics, I swear I am. I just needed to get this out of my system.
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For Lillithj

Prompt: Lucius, Severus, and a deck of cards

Pre-Snerlumione, 2000 words, no title.

Two wizards met in the middle of the street )

Coming soon: well, the drarry is half-written (though smutless as of yet) but the crossover is taking form in my head as well, if not on paper. We shall see.
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For Shiv5468

Prompt: Lumione or threesome, up to you. Crookshanks is feeling jealous and left out; how do they get onto his good side.

PG-13, Lumione, 2000 words, no title.


Coming soon: the Drarry vs. threesome, then the card game, then London to NY, then the LW crossover, depending on the whim of the moment.
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Yep, I'm almost 10 months early :D

Warning Several levels under silliness, clichés galore, attempts at caricature.
Rating : PG
Fandoms: a warped, culturally wrong mis-rendition of Harry Potter and X-men (canon based solely on the film Xmen2)
Credits : I don’t want to give too much away, so they’re listed at the end of the fic only. All you need to know is that I don’t own any of it.
Genre: serious stuff. Not. Adventure / Fantasy / Romance, I guess.

Inmates and their mates )
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Whoops, on est passés de quatre épisodes en tout à cinq. Ca m'apprendra à publier un WIP. L'épilogue est déjà rédigé et le 4/5 ne saurait tarder...

Les personnages et l’univers de la présente pièce sont empruntés à George Chaulet de manière privée et non lucrative.

Tous publics.

Les épisodes précédents sont:
Un Matin pluvieux
Une Etrange Rencontre

Une Brutale Désillusion )
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3500 words, HG/LM, R, no specific warnings.
All my thanks to Littlelizzyann and Shiv for their input.
Parts of this have already been posted here and there, but this I think is slightly more coherent.

Sleeping Beauty )
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Apparently you only have to complain about something for LJ to make it come true. My Internet has come back, glory, glory, alleluia!

So, without further ado, prepare to be spammed.

Short, silly, no redeeming value.
Parts of the dialogue, and the general idea, are ripped off from the Monty Python, the meaning of life.
Rated R
The students are of course of age - it's their 7th year!

Penetrating lessons )

I need some kind of joke to wrap it up in the end... any ideas? Want to make it a round robin?
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Rating PG. This is genfic, people! entirely suited for little children!!!
Disclaimer It's all JKR's, no money is made, no harm intended.
Word count: 650, give or take a few.

Summary This is the Last Time. Or perhaps the first.

The Last Parting )


Jul. 25th, 2006 02:35 pm
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Written for [ profile] 10k_drabbles - also to be found here or here

Aftermath, Severus Snape /Narcissa Black, PG-13

She looks into his dark eyes and smiles.

He caresses her blond hair and reaches down to her stomach.

She used to say she wanted her husband back from prison, but now she doesn't voice it anymore, she just sighs and closes her eyes.

He knows that eventually the sighs will stop, and it doesn't make him as guilty as it should.

She opens her eyes again and they now gleam with contentment.

He bends over her and their lips touch.

She caresses the greasy hair and reaches down to his shoulder.

He looks into the grey eyes and smiles.
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Pairing: Hermione/Salazar. Sort of. Mostly gen, though.
Rating: PG
Warnings: Mary-Sueism, silliness, omniscient narrator.
Length: 2600 words

Coming Through Age )
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To all the Lucius lovers, and to the rest as well, just because: you might know of the [ profile] lhr_fqf community. It's Lucius-Hermione centered, and there have been a few outstanding contributions recently; if you have a spare moment with no one peering to the computer over your shoulder, do go enjoy the perviness extremely well-written, splendidly characterised fics. Among them, Sheherazade, by [ profile] shiv5468, which you should read first if you want to understand the rest of this post. (It's non-con and thus unsuited for children - but you're all above 18, aren't you?).

Anyway, that prompted this (with, I think, consent from [ profile] shiv5468; it's otherwise non-consensual, with heavy references to the adult use of hair conditioner. Oh, and the pairing is Lucius-Hermione-chocolate).

This fic is brought to you by Magical Essences Shampoo )

Ahem. I hope you had a nice week-end!


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